Canadian Fire Protection Services Ltd. is proud to offer 24/7/365 emergency service for all our clients.

All of our dedicated service technicians are cross-trained on all systems and will resolve any problems efficiently with the most minimal disruption to our clients as possible.

We have Canadian Fire Alarm Association, Sprinkler Fitters of Ontario & Ontario College of Trades Certified Technicians. 

Fire Alarm Installations & Retrofits

  • Engineered Design & Permits
  • Underwriters Laboratories of Canada Certified Equipment.
  • Certified Technician Installation & Verifications.  

Wet & Dry Sprinkler System

Installation & Retrofits

  • Engineered Design & Permits
  • Hydraulic Calculations 
  • Hydrostatic Testing
  • NFPA-13 & NFPA-25 

IT Room Suppression 

  • Engineered Design & Permits
  • Semi-Annual Test & Inspections


Annual Test

& Inspections

Office : 416.686.9229

24 HOURS ON-CALL : 416.577.8476 | 647.466.0380

Extinguishers & Emergency Lights


New Installations

& Retrofits 

Canadian Fire Protection Services Ltd.

Modern fire protection systems are combinations of electronic and mechanical systems made up of various components and parts with a very long lifespan, requiring a minimum amount of maintenance.

However, these systems do require periodic testing and maintenance to safeguard against deterioration or possible breakdown. Such problems require service in order to ensure your fire protection system’s proper functioning. All testing & installations performed to Ontario Fire Code & Ontario Building Code Standards. 


  • Annual & Monthly Test
    ​& Inspections
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Installation & Service
  • Six year Maintenance
  • Twelve year Hydrostatic Testing

Emergency Lighting

  • Annual & Monthly Test 
    ​​& Inspections
  • Emergency Lighting Testing
  • Emergency Lighting Repairs